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(BNN) — Forest heavyweight boxing champion Mike Flyson defended his title against challenger Floyd Mayfeather at Orokonui Stadium in Dunedin on Saturday night.

Flyson came out victorious with a second-round TKO that saw Mayfeather take flight as he barreled, exhausted, into the audience.

Flyson remains unbeaten in 29 fights, continuing his reign as forest heavyweight champion, and winning the right to mate with females in his territory.

The first knockdown came from Mayfeather with an outstanding three-kick combination, followed by a brutal wing slap that busted through Flyson’s guard.

Flyson hit back with his signature move, the beak stab, to take Mayfeather by surprise.

Members of the audience paid top dollar to watch the fight, with some exclaiming “oh my god” and “nature”.

The match, which was billed by promoters as “The Ultimate Rumble in the Undergrowth”, brought in a record-breaking audience with 1.4 million tūī watching from home on the controversial streaming service Chirp Sport.

You have to feel for Mayfeather. He was so clearly out-matched in his fight. Flyson was many levels above him and barely broke a sweat to win with ease, proving that experience and aggression are sure ways to fight for the right to spread your genes.

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